Bales Beach is part of the Seal Bay Conservation section of Kangaroo Island. I visited Bales Beach by chance, because Seal Bay was closed and this was as close as we could get to it. There was a surprising amount of wildlife around on the beach, so we stayed here til nightfall. We found some endangered species of birds and a sea lion. I’ve noted the species with the photos below.

Unexpectedly, Bales Beach became a highlight of Kangaroo Island. This was partially because it was completely empty – it was nothing but us and the wildlife. In this part of Kangaroo Island most people come to visit Seal Bay, where you can get tours and tickets to see the seals. I didn’t get the chance to go there because it was already closed for the day. No matter – I much prefer exploring a less frequented beach. To see my blogpost about seals on kangaroo island click here.

When I looked at the beach from above I saw a rocky reef stretching out about 200m – this would explain the abundance of life here. The seagrass and algae fields would feed a fantastic ecosystem. If you have a few days on Kangaroo Island I would recommend visiting Bales Beach for a sunset or sunrise, however if you only have a day or two here maybe skip it! It’s a place you want to take your time to watch for birds and seals.

Cuttlefish Shell

Oystercatcher Chick

Oystercatcher chick and parent. The parent is more orange.

Silver Gulls at dusk

Location of Bales Beach

Take the dirt road and park at the end of it. The beach is a few metres along the track.

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