Belmore Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls within driving distance of Sydney. Located less than 2 hours south of the CBD, Belmore Falls is part of Morton National Park. There are lookouts to visit around the falls, but if you really want an adventure, consider hiking down to the base of the falls.

Panoramic Photograph of Belmore Falls waterfall
The base of Belmore Falls


I have to prefix this blogpost with a warning – the hike to the base of the waterfall is officially ‘closed’, however people still do it every day. It’s a moderately challenging track that was open a few years ago. It was decided to close the track for safety, because of maintenance and safety issues. There’s a limited budget for NSW National Parks, and unfortunately it means some places are closed off due to lack of infrastructure. If you want a well maintained track, go to the Blue Mountains, or Somersby Falls. Check out my blogpost about Somersby Falls here. Only do the Belmore falls base walk if you’re prepared to take risks and take responsibility for yourself. Safety is important to me, but I also believe in freedom to do what you want. I can’t officially recommend a hike that’s closed, but I thought I’d still make a post about it because it’s an interesting place.

The Hike

I did this 45min hike with my friends Glenn and Mehul on the weekend. The first spot you need to find is the ‘closed track’ sign. It’s about halfway between the two lookout points, less than 3min from the carpark. The track at first splits off into two unmarked paths, I took the right but they generally joined up anyway. You should be aiming to head towards the right as this is the direction of the falls. Parts of the track were a little slippery and you can tell that it would have been difficult to maintain with the crumbling rocks. It’s not too difficult walking down but going up will obviously be more strenuous.

When you start to hear the sound of water that’s when you’re close to the base of Belmore falls. There were some big mossy boulders around here. There’s a few ways to get to the falls, it’s up to you to pick from here. Just be extremely careful on the rocks – they will be slippery even if it hasn’t rained, and even if it doesn’t look wet. There is algae on them. My friend slipped and got his shoes wet here.

In summer I think you could swim at the base of the falls. The rest of the year it will be too cold.

When is the best time to visit Belmore Falls?

My recommendation if you want to photograph a waterfall is to visit a day or so after rainfall (so the waterfall is fuller). You could visit while it’s raining, but the track will be far more challenging and muddy.

If you visit in summer, bring some swimmers for a secluded swim at the base of the falls.

What should I bring to Belmore Falls?

Bring some water and some snacks, obviously take care of your rubbish and take everything with you when you leave.

Wear hiking or running shoes with grippy soles. If the sole is completely flat look for something else.

Bring your camera, drone, selfie stick and whatever else you might want to document your adventure with. We met some guys racing their self-made drones around using a virtual reality headset, doing acrobatics up and down the falls.

One of the lookouts nearby Belmore falls


There is a short dirt road but it’s easily accessible by all cars. Find the parking and bathroom facilities near the red marker below. The secret hike is marked by a sign saying “DANGER No access beyond this point”, between the carpark and the Belmore Falls Lookout. You will need to cross a fence to start the track.

What else is there to see in the area?

Belmore Falls is close to many attractions in Kangaroo Valley. I would recommend going to Bendeela Picnic Area if you want to see some wombats in the wild. I went in the afternoon and found a few friendly ones. Check out my blogpost about finding Wombats at Bendeela Picnic Area here.

If you want to see more waterfalls that are easy driving distance from Sydney, check out my blogpost about Somersby Falls.

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