For my friend De’s (@Twistdee) birthday we decided to rent out Ocean Farm down the south coast. Less than two hours from Sydney, this luxury farmhouse sits atop a grassy headland dotted with cows and native daises. The view from the deck is picturesque and relaxing; A quintessential Aussie coastland scene. We spent three days celebrating, taking photos, and exploring the South Coast.

The House

As soon as you walk in through the beautiful wooden doors you can tell a lot of thought went into the appointment of furniture and decorations. It’s the type of place any traveler would be charmed by, with things from all around the world. The property is just off the highway, far enough so that you can’t hear the traffic. Along with the open living area this makes the Farmhouse a perfect place for playing some loud music, or conversely you can just sit back and enjoy the silence of the countryside.

The bedrooms were spacious and the bed was so comfy – I was shocked by the how nice the sheets were compared to mine at home. We spent most nights in the games room upstairs where there’s a projector, ping pong and foosball. The kitchen is big and has everything that you’d need. Outside is a BBQ, an infinity pool and a magnificent view.

The Farm

These cows are so spoiled.. They have fresh green grass and a fresh ocean breeze. What a life! The paddock extends along the headland so you’ll see the cows wander around throughout the day. It was a little muddy when I was exploring – bring some gumboots. There’s also some horses on the property. They gave us a goodbye kiss through the car window as we were leaving for Sydney!

The Coast

I went for a short hike down through the property to the coastline. There’s a rare patch of coastal rainforest on the headland which was nice to see – this type of environment has mostly been cleared in NSW. Down at the water I found a rocky pebbly beach. Another interesting feature was the horizontal waterfall – waves rush up the chute between 50m rock slabs, which almost looks like a waterfall. You can also reach this spot by hiking from nearby towns if you’re not staying at the property.

Overlooking the bay to Bare Bluff

Bombo Quarry

I often talk about this place – it’s such an alien landscape you have to visit it if you’re in the area. Check out my South Coast blogpost here.

Creative Photoshoot

De is a portrait photographer who I met a few years ago at an instagram meetup. There’s an evocative nature to her work that’s often playful as well. Here Sogand Shamsaria turned a cupboard into a lush photoshoot location. Madeleine Lynch and Nadja Alimoradian are the models. You can find De’s work on instagram and 500px

Daises in the Paddock

Macro photography is one of my favourite hobbies. Finding a natural ‘flow’ amongst the blades of grass and flowers means trying lots of angles and sometimes lying down in the dirt. Finding form and composition in the abstract is the goal!

My talented friends!!

De, Olym, David, Craig, Dion, Maddie, Sogand, Nadja

Final Thoughts

Overall we had a great time staying at Ocean Farmhouse. It’s pretty pricy but I think it was good value for the upmarket luxury experience. It’s for those special occasions when you’re with a bunch of friends or family and want to experience country living in style. It has 4 bedrooms and a spacious open living so you can have 8-12 people. Click here to check out Ocean Farm.