Kattang Nature Reserve

I wasn’t expecting much from Kattang Nature Reserve but it surprised me a lot. Located near Camden Head, the views, hiking and wildflowers are amongst the best of any national parks in Australia. The environment here is quite varied, with cliffs, long beaches, dry woodland and coastal heathland. We spent a day hiking around Kattang Nature Reserve and saw plenty of birds, some dolphins and even a few whales.

Dunbogan Beach and Charles Hamey Lookout

The Charles Hamey lookout is located at the end of a dirt road and provides a stunning panoramic view of Dunbogan Beach. It’s one of the most beautiful coastal views in New South Wales. In summer Dunbogan Beach would be a perfect place to swim and relax, away from the crowds. From the lookout you can see the prominent North Brother Mountain and Gogleys Lagoon to the east. In the far distance you can see Crowdy Bay National Park, which is another of my favourite coastal spots. Charles Hamey Lookout is also a good starting point for hiking through Kattang Nature Reserve. The ‘flowerbowl circuit’ track loops around the park and then heads towards Perpendicular Point if you want a longer hike.

Wildflowers in Kattang Nature Reserve

The best time to visit Kattang Nature Reserve is when the colourful wildflowers are blooming, in early spring / September. I visited in winter but there was still plenty of wattle (acacia) blooming. To find out more about Australian wildflowers, check out my post here.


Perpendicular Point Walking Track

If you have about 2-2.5 hours there is an easy walk to Perpendicular Point. Watch out for birds such as honeyeaters and wattlebirds. Along the way are a few lookouts to search for whales (in winter) and occasionally dolphins.

Location and Getting Here

Kattang Nature Reserve is located on the mid-north coast, about 4 hours north of Sydney and only 45min south of Port Macquarie. The Pacific Highway turn off is well signed. When navigating the dirt road to Charles Hamey Lookout avoid the big potholes, especially if you have a 2wd or low ground clearance. If there has been heavy rain leave the 2wd behind and just walk from Camden Head Road.

Nearby Attractions

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