The Canberra Beijing Garden

Located on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin, the Canberra Beijing Garden signifies the relationship between Beijing and Canberra as sister cities. In spring the cherry blossoms bloom, becoming one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots in Canberra. As part of the greater Lennox Gardens, this small Chinese garden is a relatively unknown part of the city. I went here with some friends to check out the cherry blossoms, arriving from Sydney after a 3.5hr drive.

Qing Dynasty (1644-1912)

The garden was a centennial gift from the Beijing Government, completed in 2014 in the style of the Qing Dynasty. The pavilion, welcome gate and sculptures were constructed by authentic artisans and stonemasons flown in from China. The structures have been adorned with symbols and colours for good luck and prosperity, and are surrounded by traditional chinese plants such as the cherry blossoms.

What’s the best time to visit the Canberra Beijing Gardens

The best time to visit is when the cherry blossoms are blooming, which is around Spring (Late July – Early September). As you can see from the photos however, it would be quite beautiful even without the cherry blossoms. You could visit anytime of the year and have a relaxing time.

Photo by @light_reid

Are Lennox Garden and the Canberra Beijing Garden Dog Friendly?

We were able to bring Zeeba along on a leash. She even went for a swim in the freezing water.

Cherry Blossom Portraits

Photographers can’t resist using cherry blossom trees for portrait backdrops! One day I’ll go to Japan in springtime to see the cherry blossoms, but for now the Beijing Garden in Canberra will do. These photos were taken by my friend Athena. Check out Athena’s blog here.

Getting Here

There’s parking along Flynn drive, and there’s also a nearby parking spot in Lennox Garden. Then just follow the tracks to the Beijing Garden. Nearby is also the Nara Peace Garden. To get here from Sydney you will need about 3.5 hrs one way. Try to avoid Sydney peak hours though – it will make the drive seem much longer.

More Cherry Blossoms

Check out my blogpost about the Auburn Cherry Blossom Festival here.

I did this trip with my friends Athena @Light_ried, Ling (@travel_ling), and my sister Nina.