Kangaroos are one of the national icons of Australia. You’ll find them across the country, mostly outside of urban areas. Here at the ‘Look at Me Now’ Headland you can get close to kangaroos. I was easily able to take photos of them, because they weren’t that shy. There is a breeding population of the Eastern Grey kangaroo that lives on the headland amongst the shrubs and grass, and they’re here all year long.

To see the kangaroos just follow the marked track loop from the carpark and within 10min you should see multiple roos. If you want to get closer to the kangaroos, move quietly and try not to surprise them. If they feel threatened they will jump away, however if you harass them physically they might become aggressive. The walk itself is easy and follows a concrete path most of the way. You could spend about an hour here, which would give you plenty of time to check out the kangaroos and ocean view. Other animals you might see include sea eagles and whales during the summer.

Photograph of a kangaroo lying down, with Noah in the front taking a photo of the kangaroo
How to get close to a kangaroo
Photograph of an Eastern Grey Kangaroo with the ocean and an island in the background
Kangaroo with South West Solitary Island in the background

Location – Where to Park

Close to Coffs Harbour. You can either park at the Dammerell Crescent carpark, and take the loop walk or you can park at Lighthouse Crescent.

If you want to visit other places in the area, there’s Emerald and Moonee Beach nearby.