As part of my collab with Adobe Lightroom CC I’ve decided to give two different lightroom presets away.


To download lightroom and try it for free click here

To download the presets click here.


Zeebachi Lightroom Filter 1

This preset will push blues to aqua, fade the greens slightly and give a film feel.

Zeebachi Filter 2

This filter is more extreme – it will probably only work on similar images as this. Try it out and see how it works! Take note of the stronger greens.

Zeebachi Filter 3

This preset can be used in a variety of images. however it’s suited best to bring out sunrise / sunset colours. I’ve given the pinks, reds, orange and yellow a boost. Don’t use this on portraits because it’ll mess up skintones!

Something to note – these presets won’t work on every image. I’ve tried to make something unique so it might not be to everyone’s taste, these are just two of my favourite presets in lightroom. Thanks to Adobe and Vamp for helping with this post.

Please let me know if you like them and send me photos you’ve edited with them!