Picking your own fruit on a farm is so much more satisfying than buying it at the grocery store. Here in Bilpin, about 2 hours from Sydney CBD there’s a multitude of farms and crops to visit. You get to choose the juiciest and biggest apples, all whilst knowing it’s completely fresh. I visited a farm called ‘TNT Produce’.

The fact that it’s directly from the tree already sets these apples apart from your average woolies or coles apple – in that it hasn’t been held in cold storage for months or even years. There are ways that supermarkets can keep apples fresh using gasses, but you inevitably lose flavour and crunch. By picking your own in Bilpin, you get the tastiest apples possible.

The farm is set up in rows of trees, and you can wander all over to find the best apples. At the entrance we were given some bags to hold our loot in, then afterwards they were weighed and paid for by the kg. Altogether we spent about 12$ on apples and got about 3-4kg. It’s not exactly cheaper than buying it instore, but the freshness and taste makes it worth it.

I highly recommend this activity for families, couples and friends. You can probably spend about 1 hour at a farm. Parking is easy. There are also plenty of places nearby in the Blue Mountains, such as Govett’s Leap. Check out my post about the best place to see the sunrise in the Blue Mountains. For a little known hiking adventure see my adventure about my post about hiking to Lockley’s Pylon.

Fencing to protect the apples from birds

TNT Produce: 153 Kurts Rd, Bilpin NSW 2758