If you haven’t been to Kuringai Chase National Park you’re missing out. As a photographer my favourite walk is the America Bay Walking Track. It’s one of the most interesting hikes in the national park, there’s a lot crammed into this short 1.8km hike. Here you can see waterfalls, birds and scenic outlooks over the Hawksbury River. The walk follows a small creek which leads to a waterfall and lookout. There are also Aboriginal rock carvings, marked along the trail with signs so you won’t miss it.

I came here with two friends last time and it was a great day hike. At the end of the official track lookout we continued along the left, where a small track follows the clifftop. I would recommend packing some food in your bag for a nice picnic on the cliffs. In summer some people bring their swimmers to take a dip in the small waterfall (when I visited there wasn’t much water). After the hike we visited West Head Lookout, which is another must-see in Kuringai National Park.

I find it interesting that the water here actually connects to the Hawksbury River – which also meets Bouddi National Park. It wouldn’t take too long for a boat to reach Bouddi but to drive it would be a huge detour from this point. For my blogpost about things to do in Bouddi National Park click here.

Photo of America Bay Lookout, in Kuringai Chase National Park
Lookout at end of hike

Birding at America Bay Walking Track, Kuringai Chase National Park

There are plenty of birds in Kuringai Chase National Park to take photos of – I found wattlebirds, white eyes, honeyeaters and even an eastern yellow robin. Birdwatchers will enjoy Kuringai Chase National Park.

Waterfall at America Bay Walking Track

There is a small creek leading to the cliff edge that after rain has a waterfall. It was a mere trickle when I went, but this photo below was taken by my friend Glenn another day. Do you see the colour of the water? It’s a reddish colour because of the tannins – natural chemicals that occur in some Australian plants like the native tea tree. Tannins are also what makes tea its dark colour.

America Bay Walking Track
America Bay Walking Track

Parking and Getting to America Bay Walking Track

The carpark is about 45min drive from Sydney CBD, and will cost about $12 for car entry to the park, unless you have a parks pass already. It is well signed in the park, however be careful when turning off into the carpark because are some bad drivers in Kuringai Chase NP.