Curl Curl is famous for having some of the best surfing in Sydney. It’s actually two beaches separated by a lagoon, but most of the time they’re connected by sand so it looks like one. I often go swimming here in the summer! It doesn’t get too crowded, compared to Bondi and Manly. Curl Curl also has some interesting sand dunes and coastal flora to explore. And for those who don’t like swimming in the ocean there are two seawater swimming pools – one at either end of the beach.

I’ve put together some photos of the beach on a sunny day and a stormy day, to show how it changes with the weather. Tropical beach paradise or stormy dramatic seascape? Curl Curl can do both!

My favourite spot to take photos from is on the northern headland. To get there take the marked trail that leads to the northern ocean pool. Along the way you’ll see some big sandstone rocks that are perfect for picnics and watching the sunrise/sunset. I like showing this place to friends from overseas.

I have filmed videos here with Sony Australia and Epson Australia. Babi Bertoldi is a photographer and director who I worked with to create a short film. This was the first time we’d met. The goal was to show the process of shooting at Curl Curl, editing on my laptop and printing at the Epson labs. We had less than two hours to film and record audio. I was worried because the incoming storm could make the landscape look flat and dull.

We were doing a few more photos in the grass when it started to rain. Thankfully the lighting and colours were looking great in the storm. Sometimes the most interesting lighting comes in bad weather. We got out of there just in time to rescue our camera gear!

Here’s the video I did with Epson Australia. You can check out more from Babi Bertoldi here.

Have you been to Curl Curl? Let me know what your favourite beach is! If you’re coming to Sydney definitely check this beach out. For transport there are busses but I think driving is easiest to get here. If you want to see more of Sydney’s best beaches check out my Northern Beaches Guide.