This charming little lighthouse is a historic landmark of 20th Century Sydney. A short but enjoyable 30min walk takes you through unspoilt Sydney Harbour bushland. This was one of the first places I explored with my camera so it was a pleasure to get back here. After years of learning and improving my craft I’ve developed a personal style. I was interested to see how my photography of the lighthouse and surrounding nature had changed.

The walk begins at Cutters Road in Balgowlah, where there’s parking and an entrance to the Manly Scenic Walk. Make sure to check the map at the start of the hike because there aren’t many signs in the park.

Plants of Sydney Harbour National Park

Macro has always been a staple in my photography repertoire, but only recently have I been rediscovering the beauty of Australian nature. A lot of things get overlooked in the bush – like the dried dead ferns or the scratchy shrubs that line the paths. I made sure to stop often along the way and capture it in my own style.

Grotto Point Lighthouse

This fully functioning beacon lighthouse is one of the smallest lighthouse structures we have. It has an interesting shape that reminds me of a small castle. It was designed in 1910 by Maurice Festu. I often see it from the opposite side of the harbour because it stands out clearly from the surrounding bushland.


You only need two ingredients to take intriguing sunset photos – grass and sun! I love shooting through layers of grass to get out of focus elements to frame certain features.


I think the most beautiful colours come out after sunset, at dusk. I live for those dusky blues! At the end of the adventure I looked back to see the Sydney skyline in the distance. I had a lovely afternoon returning to this spot, and I’m glad I could share it with my readers here!